Misplaced Trust

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Mae Charles

How many people do you know who no longer speak to loved ones because of a dispute about an estate issue after a death in the family?  Everyone has a nightmarish story or knows someone who has had this experience.  The end result is exactly the opposite of what the deceased individual would want or hope for.  As an individual who has started and built several businesses over the years, I often encountered clients or colleagues who were embroiled in estate settling issues with their family or close friends.  This is no fun and can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining.

Having spent the last fifteen years as a paralegal in estate planning in the United States, I encountered estate problems daily.  Some of the stories are heartbreaking.  These stories need to be told in order for you to avoid the tragic consequences so many people endure daily in our country.  Names, specific events and locations have been changed to protect the people who have lived through this experience.  “Misplaced Trust” is an accumulation of these actual scenarios, which I write in order to ensure that once a loved one has passed their wishes for their property are fulfilled and their family & friends remain a cohesive united group.