Mind Over Machines

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Impresario Arts School

Our research began in 2003 led by Dr Suraiya Shaik Ali with lesson plan assistance from Mrs Tess Scully; a specialist classroom teacher who inspired a rock and roller who was a late bloomer in education, popularly known as shake to put his years of entertainment into education.

Shake was and is inspired to use entertainment in education and went on a quest to explore the world of education and found the quest not only challenging and exciting but incredibly meaningful because he was and is building his mind, body and spirit, in order to impart what he has learnt to his audience in an entertaining manner.

Our research papers and lesson plans were submitted in 2012 and we received a private enrichment school status: Impresario Arts School, with an approved and registered curriculum: Imagine Inventions for Baby and Young Impresarios, by The Ministry of Education, Singapore.

We ran a free preschool enrichment and subsidized after-school care and education for children from low-income families from 2012 to 2016. Due to shake’s medical condition, we had to take the school offline and continued our research and development in “Play to Learn”.

Our studies to date have included young adult and corporate adult learning; cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, time and goal management, business and game development, as well as updating our modules on early childhood, primary and secondary education.

Impresario Arts School is currently updating our engine: Imagine inventions with new programs based on artificial intelligence and promoting hands-on play; indoors and outdoors called GameOn!

We are developing games for education powered by artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality.

Our first publication “Research Abstract. Impresario Arts School” was an academic press book/scholarly monograph.

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