Murder at the Mission

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Pamela Martin

Who   would have guessed, all those years ago, that Pamela Martin would someday be able to say, "I am a writer!"?  Pam grew up an Air Force brat, which gave her the foundation to write creative stories – she saw a lot of new places and met quite a few "characters" along the way. Those are still cherished memories, and they taught important life lessons -- flexibility, acceptance, respect, patriotism.


After graduating with a BAT from Sam Houston State University, Pam began my career as a teacher, starting out in first grade and, eventually, moving all the way to middle school and high school. Throughout that part of her working life, Pam wrote the occasional press release, many curriculum units, and related classroom materials, but writing  was a sideline until about 2008, when she took a step past the light and became a freelance writer. Hundreds of articles, product descriptions and blog posts later, she found the opportunity to write fiction, what turned out to be her true career love!