You Say Goodbye

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Keith Steinbaum

 After a number of years devoted to poetry, followed by a decade and a few recorded songs as a professional song lyricist, I eventually developed a strong desire to write a novel, culminating in the completion of The Poe Consequence, a modern day supernatural thriller/human drama. The first version was self-published and released in 2012. That year it was awarded Supernatural Thriller of the Year by, an online literary website. In 2015, after switching to another Indie book publisher, Kirkus Reviews selected it as one of its top books of the year in its year end issue, and in 2017, while still with the same publisher, it received a Finalist placing in the international Book Excellence Awards competition.

The Poe Consequence eventually graduated from a self-published novel to a contract signing with Black Opal Books and is scheduled for a release in March of 2020. Although the updated version is not currently available in book form, the audio book is obtainable through or

My second novel, and first with Black Opal Books, is a Beatles-themed whodunit murder mystery titled, You Say Goodbye. The book was released on February 23, 2019.

For those who plan to read the book, be prepared to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes to see if you can figure out who committed the crime.

Although I’ve supported myself and my family through a long career in the landscape industry, in my heart I’ve always considered myself a creative writer first and foremost. It took years of piecing together reasons for occasional bouts of depression and esteem issues to finally understand the reality of that fact and to do something about it. Writing The Poe Consequence was the therapy I needed that brought me back from an emotionally tough time and You Say Goodbye is the continuing result of that happy ending journey to the land of renewed confidence.

For more information on both of my novels, go to You can also visit my Facebook page by typing Keith Steinbaum-Author, or my Twitter feed - @keithsteinbaum.