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Suzanne Fleming

Suzanne lives in Sydney, Australia. She has five adult children and believes the family and long-term friends are life’s true riches.

For many years, Suzanne was a management consultant, and worked on special assignments in London and Vietnam. She was also a part-time college and university teacher for two decades; specializing in business management, information technology and human resources management. Suzanne is a qualified eLearning facilitator and delivers creative writing courses online.

The things she most enjoys are her family, her work, writing, reading, gardening, preparing small dinner parties for special friends, and spending time with interesting people.   Her favourite quote: Strive to live the ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

Suzanne was mentored by Denis Butler, the highly respected Australian journalist and says she was fortunate to receive guidance from such a gifted writer. It was his support and encouragement that gave her the confidence to trust her writing ability.

Suzanne is a self-confessed Woody Allen tragic. She believes he is a modern-day genius from whom fiction writers can learn a great deal.

Her message to other writers: “Never give up. Keep writing. It is the path to self-knowledge and a great way to learn about other people. Take rejection well and be your own harshest critic. Examine every piece you write and know you can always do better. There is no such thing as perfection, but there is always room for improvement.”