The Last Christmas Pageant

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About the author

Laurie Hodges Humble

When she’s not conjuring up well-developed characters in unique plotlines laced with humour, Laurie Hodges Humble is either reading a book in the sunniest room in the house or listening to an audio book while driving. She is a loyal fan of Coronation Street, prefers red wine to white wine, Smarties to M&M’s, and has a sweet spot for Old English Sheepdogs. Her favourite tea is English Breakfast, which she drinks any time of day.

Having lived in all three western provinces, Laurie currently resides in a small Alberta town with her hubby and two spoiled cats.

As a proud Canadian she takes delight in slipping u’s into certain words. Keeps everyone on their toes!

This is Laurie’s first published novel.

Author Photo courtesy of J.C. Humble