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About the author

Tom Miko

Graduated sociologist, likes social sciences, self-improvement and motivational writings. He fond of gastronomy, likes to try new flavors and is a dedicated fitness enthusiast.

Already in his teenage years, Tom decided that one day he will help people with his writings. Since the age of 16, he has been reading self-development and motivational books and doing sports several times a week. He likes basketball, swimming, going to the gym and working out at home with his own bodyweight exercises.

As a former overweight child, he knows how important proper nutrition and regular exercise are, so he tries to educate himself as much as possible in this field as well. He is also aware of the importance of mental health in addition to physical health, and the continuous training of ourselves, whether at school or independently.

Therefore, after graduating from university, where he get a degree in sociology, he began to look into who he could help by combining what he learned at school and his own life experiences. His field of research and interest was limited to teenagers and young adults, soon he had enough material at his disposal to write his first two books.

As an eager cinema and movie fan, he also wrote his first film writing and later a self-confidence handbook, which is also based on his social studies and contains extremely useful practical parts in addition to the theoretical chapters.

Having previously worked in the hospitality industry for several years, he has some insight into the preparation of delicious, nutritious and healthy meals, so his first book, partly containing food recipes, was recently published.