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Tia Liet

Mx. Tia Liet is a disabled, mentally ill, queer, non-binary, trans person. They’re crafty, artsy, and witchy, living in the magic of every day. Landscapes are their favourite things to paint, and they can sketch hands for hours. Dabbling in photography, game design, and programming as the mood strikes them, Tia likes to find balance between creativity and technicality.

They grew up in Western Canada, among the trees and lakes of the Okanagan. Once, they lived with a bear next door, with a llama, sheep, and goat in their backyard, while a huge fire raged across the lake. For a while, they also lived in Alberta, seeing the Rocky Mountains from afar, just outside of Calgary. Now, they live in the bustling Greater Toronto Area, rescuing squirrels and kittens. It’s much more peaceful these days.