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Marina Gerrard

"I’ve always dabbled at writing. Little bits and pieces. Just for fun. And because I felt an urge to do so. I just couldn’t stop myself."

​​​​​​​Marina Gerrard is a graduate and postgraduate student of English literature. She topped her studies up with a creative writing course. She then ‘graduated’ to writing her own stuff and produced a few prize winning short stories. It progressed from there. Marina Gerrard is the author of Journeys into the Heartland, a mini-series of three psychological thrillers that delve deeply into the world of relived traumatic experiences.

​​​​​​​"The Journeys into the Heartland books were written some time ago. At the time writing was still a hobby. Publishing them was not something I considered or had time for. Then it dawned on me that it really was a shame they were just sitting there on the shelf gathering dust. After all, I had put considerable time and effort into writing them, hadn’t I! So I decided to publish them. As e books. And lo and behold, published they are! That really, really tickles me pink!"

​​​​​​​After finishing her trilogy Marina Gerrard decided it was time for something less intense.
"I wanted to write something that would make me smile."
She embarked on writing a series of light-hearted novels that can be best classed as 'dreamscapes'. Novels that are light and airy instead of dark and scary. Dream Weaver is the first of these. A somewhat bizarre adventure in the shady area between dream and reality.
Searching for Seth is the working title of the novel she is currently working on.

​​​​​​​For more info on her books access Marina's website