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Bill Best

Colonel Bill Best (B.S., MBA; USAF, Retired) writes as a culmination of many interests and careers.

Bill served on Active Duty as an Air Force officer for nine years, then continued as a Reservist for another twenty-one years while he served in a Christian ministry.

Bill's interest in computers, Science Fiction, Christian ministry, his military background, and the professionals he's worked with as a Program Manager for a Department of Defense contractor have led to a unique perspective reflected in his writing.

His "End of the Sixth Age" series combines today's headlines with tomorrow's technology, as the world inevitably moves to the prophesied One World Government and Tribulation.

Book One, "Five Score and Ten," tells of the strange genetic transformation of Jennifer Karen Lane. Learn how a flighty, narcissistic college grad becomes the world's strongest, most intelligent human being; a beautiful but troubled woman relentlessly pursued by the evil Jason Matthews.

Book Two, "The Guardian Collection," carries her story forward to 2020, then shifts ahead to 2025 to introduce Roger Brandon, who becomes the second member of an unlikely team. He pilots Guardian, an experimental hypersonic interceptor, to destroy a nuke meant to instigate World War III. They succeed, but are somehow changed. Will he and Jennifer, who now goes by Karen and dozens of other names, somehow reunite? Unlikely, since he is now trans-dimensional. He is literally in the world, but not of it.

Subscribe to to watch for Book Three: "Reflections of a Shadow." Continuing in 2026, the team formed in Book Two will have their hands full as Jason finalizes his plans for a One World Government; plans that will usher in the "End of the Sixth Age!"

The days are dark, and time is running out.

Bill and his wife Barbara make their home in a rural, Georgia setting. They have two daughters and - currently - four grandchildren.

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