African American Inventors and Inventions

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Dr. Anthony T Craft

My name is Dr. Anthony T. Craft, and my goal is to provide helpful informative communication material to children and adult all over the world about the trials and tribulations experienced by African Americans throughout the years. I have conducted extensive research on African American inventors and their inventions, as they have made absolute contributions to the world.  

I still dwell on the fact that many of these inventions, patents and designs were introduced either during slavery or shortly after slavery was supposedly abolished in 1865. I am a retired United States Army Master Sergeant (E-8), who dedicated 28 years of service. I am also a retired Law Enforcement Officer who served 25 years. Fourteen of the twenty-five years I served in the position of Detective Sergeant of the Criminal Investigation Division of my local Sheriff's Office. I earned my Doctoral degree in September of 2021, from Northcentral University. I earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy with Specialization in General Psychology.  



                                                 Dr. Anthony T. Craft