The Truth is Reality, Two Point Zero

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Eileena Warehouser

I am a U.S. Army veteran: Finance Specialist. My career and work experience are in finance & accounting. The most advances degree of my three degrees is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Finance. I have had many jobs, classes, and training in leadership and management.

One topic that comes up in most leadership and management training is Problem Solving. I have seen and studied this topic often and I began to apply these concepts to most situations and aspects of my life; my personal life, my public life, and my professional life. The most efficient problem solving is a systematic, methodical, step by step process. But I noticed that most people use some sort of unorganized, random, brainstorming experience.

The first step in problem solving is: PROPERLY IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM. Often, we attempt to resolve symptoms of the real true problem. Often, we attempt to solve related or resulting problems. Often, we undertake the easiest solution, without ever solving the real true problem. Then we wonder why the problem keeps returning.

Race issues, office politics, personal relationships, male chauvinism, female catty/pettiness, and jealousy all stem from one source. In this book I will tell you what is the PROPERLY IDENTIFIED PROBLEM.