Маленькая девочка

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About the author

Vladarg Delsat

Vladarg Delsat was born in the Soviet Union. Barely learning to read, he fell in love with travelling through literary worlds.

Vladarg first tried his hand at writing in 1998, when his eldest daughter was born. Inspiration came from a flood of emotions. He then began to write lullabies for the baby. In 2011 the author's debut book "Колыбельные для Мышки" was published by the Smolensk publishing house "Magenta". He started writing prose much later, in 2020. At that time, creative work was seen purely as an opportunity to vent emotions. His first books were "Мэйделе" and "Маленькая девочка. Обретение семьи".

Vladarg Delsat officially entered the world of literature in 2023 and immediately published several important works. In addition to the books mentioned above, there are the "Ангелы жизни", "Новый путь", "Потерянные" and the children's collection "Колыбельные". The book "Маленькая девочка. Обретение семьи" has been translated into English (Feiyr, 6.2023).

The Russian publishing house Union of Writers is already preparing to republish his novel Потерянные. The Worlds of Tauris series is due to be published in the summer.

Vladarg currently lives in Germany. He is the father of three beautiful daughters, whom he loves dearly. In his free time from work and family responsibilities, he writes a lot.