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John G. Jung

John G. Jung is an award-winning registered professional urban planner, urban designer, professor and economic developer. He originated the “Intelligent Community” concept in the early 1990s and continues to serve as the Intelligent Community Forum's leading visionary, co-founder and Chairman. He has headed up key portfolios and initiatives in global cities such as Toronto, Calgary, New York, Hong Kong, London and Waterloo. Author and global keynote speaker at such events as Rio’s TedTalks, Mobile World in Barcelona, APEC in Beijing, Ottawa Writer's Festival and Global Forum conferences in Europe, he has led global business missions, workshops, design charrettes and is active teaching, consulting and participating in city-building initiatives. John is co-author of “From Connectivity to Community”; “Brain Gain”; “Seizing Our Destiny’; and “Broadband Economics” available at: and chapter author of several other books on cities and urbanism; and over 100 published articles and blogs on technical topics related to cities, climate change, artificial intelligence, human centric design, etc. Other books by John include EDEN 2084, All Around the Circle, Black Rock and A Sound in the Night.