Destiny Awaiting

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About the author

Jan Foster

Jan writes in between being a mummy, business consultant and landlord. She loves a good back story, folklore and wondering what really happened in the rich tapestry of our history. These 'what if'' questions fed into her Naturae' series which mingles magic with history - a magical realism side of the historical fantasy genre. She also beta reads and writes historical fiction thrillers.

​​​​​​​In her spare time, she loves reading with children in her local school and helping them find the joy and escapism in books. Passionate about getting kids active, the Mitch and Mooch series is aimed at supporting children with not only reading and comprehension but also trying new activities.

Jan is based in the North West of England and tries to drag her family and dogs out into the wilds or into windswept castles as much as possible - when it's not raining!