Butterfly Champions - Time to Take a Stand

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Siri DiSavona

Hi! Thanks for stopping in. You'll frequently find me at my computer tapping away at my next book or researching all sorts of ideas. I live among the lakes and rolling hills of Wisconsin but also love to travel around the U.S. in an old RV (recreational vehicle) with my husband John, our Shetland sheepdog Smokey and Puddie Tat, our calico cat with too many toes. When I'm not doing those things (and frequently even when I am) I am probably curled up in a corner reading a good book. Because the plight of the vanishing monarch butterflies is real, I also hand-raise monarchs from eggs I collect from the fields and meadows near me. Raising them isn't enough to save them, of course, but I also use these beautiful little creatures to educate people. Did you know that most adults have never held a butterfly or actually seen one be born? When the butterflies are ready for release, I enlist other people to share the experience. This is where the real fun starts. As they touch and interact with the butterflies, adults and kids alike respond with such excitement, sense of wonder and sometimes tears, that it makes each butterfly release a truly amazing, almost magical, experience that never gets old. BUTTERFLY SUMMER Quest to Save the Monarchs embodies that feeling.