Body, Mind And You

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About the author

Kotra Siva Rama Krishna

            I am a writer from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. What the development in the digital world has given to me is to publish my six novels along with two non-fiction self-help books as ebooks. The six fiction ebooks are Heaven’s Gates (A Romantic Psychological thriller with 1,10,000 words), Lukewarm (this also a Romantic Psychological Thriller, 50,000 words), Handfuls Of Sand (A Spicy Romantic Thriller, 1,10,000 words), Fallen From Heaven (A Different Romantic Love Story, 50,000 words), Morning Mist (A Unique Romantic Saga, 50,000 words) and Secret (A Suicide Investigation Thriller, 50,000 words). I am giving my self-help ebooks Body, Mind And You (16,000 words) and Infinite (5,000 words) ABSOLUTELY FREE. I am really very very very much happy for this.
           I must express my gratitude and I always be thankful to Draft2Digital for its wonderful way of presenting my ebooks to all the digital platforms. I must express my gratitude to also for giving me a chance to prepare wonderful cover pages for my ebooks. I always remember and be thankful to Draft2Digital and for enabling me to present my ebooks like this.      
          Thank you very much for your interest in my ebooks. I am in the process of writing and publishing even more ebooks in future.