Ghosts of You (Do You Love Me? The Blue Hounding. River Free. Inah.)

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Hani' Machi-

The author (Hani'Machi on legal form copyright, “Hani’Machi -” on all online bookstores, stylized hani'machi) has written cross countries and continents books of fiction and is currently in Asia. The author has great passion for writing and for fiction where the world just become more alive and imagination flourishes. Stay tuned for many books to follow, the author is pleased to present the current debut novel GHOSTS OF YOU on all online bookstore platforms! It's a new journey into the world all the same via social and internet network! Let's break the ice and get to know each other, and read some more entertaining books with great cup of drinks (whether tea, coffee, healthy green, beer)! And please do not forget to leave a review and bring friends along to enjoy GHOSTS OF YOU. The author has been feeling a lot of great and warm love from all around, and expresses thanks to those who took time to read and enjoy GHOSTS OF YOU, and to those who even took the money and effort to purchase in bulk GHOSTS OF YOU to be distributed and put on school libraries. Many, many thanks and warm love! Stay safe! Stay warm in love and kindness wherever you travel in life and through changes either in real world or the land of books! The author looks forward for long, lasting relationships with readers and is very interested to know what you think. So come on along, hop on the train and let's get to know each other and stay friends for a long time! We can all enjoy great piece of writing! Pour more seasons and seasoning on top of your life and live!