Battle for Earth

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About the author

Hammer Trollkin

Hammer Trollkin has always loved reading Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Then he was blessed with grandchildren who loved to play make believe games.  To any who may enjoy his writing, it was from them that the flame was sparked.  All that make believe time opened up entire worlds filled with imagination and adventure. 

Enjoying science in general didn’t hurt either.  To a guy like Hammer, the next logical step was to write books.  The Shockwave series is his debut work.  All that imagination and adventure adds up to a whole lot of books. 

Hammer lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, not far from his children and grandchildren.  He loves spiritual things.  When he’s not writing, or sometimes even when he is writing, Hammer enjoys the outdoors.  He started out in Minnesota but the call of the mountains and the sea captured him. 

Well, there he goes, back typing away.  That’s all we’re going to get for now.  Can’t let all that imagination go to waste.