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About the author

Moneek Sawyer

Moneeka Sawyer is often described as one of the most blissful people you will ever meet. She has been investing in Real Estate for over 25 years, so has been through all the different cycles of the market. Still, she has turned $10,000 into over $2,000,000, working only 5-10 hours per MONTH with very little stress.

While building her multi-million dollar business, she has travelled to over 55 countries, dances every single day, and spends lots of time with her husband of over 25 years and her adorable little puppy (who is the love of her life, but shhhh...don't tell her husband).

Sawyer is the best-selling author of the award-winning book "Choose Bliss: The Power and Practice of Joy and Contentment.”

She is also the host of the Podcast Real Estate Investing for Women and her expertise, and bliss-filled laugh, have been featured internationally on stages, radio, podcasts and TV stations including ABC, CBS, FOX, and the CW, reaching over 100 million people.