Billy Stays Home

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Pamela Malcolm

The original Billy book goes back almost 30 years .... oh dear giving away my age. 

It was a school assignment set to my class. We had to create a book for the younger children in the school. I came up with the story pretty quickly and started to work on a book layout with folded A4 paper. I even did the illustrations myself although they were not great. The original paper book is probably still at my parent's house somewhere. 

It wasn't until I had children of my own and with the support of my husband I decided I should write the Billy book for the kids. The story has changed a bit since the original and I used an illustrator in stead of my own drawings. I was amazed to see Billy come to life as the image I had imagined all those years before. I also thought it was funny my own sons name is William and my book was about a naughty boy called Billy short for William. 

The kids loved the book so i thought why not self publish it. I enjoyed the process so much I decided to write more Billy books. I hope you and your children enjoy as much me and my family do.