Annapurna: Gastronomic delights from my Fiji Indian childhood

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About the author

Nalini Naidu

Nalini Naidu, originally from Fiji, attended Waikato University in New Zealand and RMIT in Australia. She has established an extensive career in information management and information technology whilst pursuing her enthusiasm for cooking with a compelling interest in cultures and their associated food.

Her interest in cooking was sparked during childhood as she assisted her mother in food preparation, memories that are relived as she prepares food with her two daughters. Since then she has continued to cultivate her passion encompassing various aspects of food and cookery including nutrition, creativity, entertainment and the sheer joy whilst endeavouring to explore food from a philosophical perspective.

Having participated in the art of various cooking styles and philosophies, Nalini is a true foodie, easily inspired by ingredients of the everyday and the less familiar, a journey that will no doubt continue for life.