Belinda Blinked 4

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Rocky Flintstone

Rocky likes to write in the sun and with a glass of wine in his hand, nothing makes him feel more at home. Based between North East Brazil and Andalucia in Spain he gets to grips with his stories, bringing them to print for his loyal readers who are split equally between those who love and those who hate the books... but as Rocky says, 'bring it on...'

Warwick said... 'So appallingly written that it almost goes full circle:... one star for this – but in many ways, a star more glorious than the constellations of far greater works of literature.' 

Sarah said... 'What a great find! I had been looking for a how-to that struck a chord with me for some time. What better role model for a young woman looking to make it in the business world than Belinda, a strong, empowered career woman headed straight to the top of the pots and pans industry. This manual includes helpful tips on business attire, negotiation techniques, and teamwork building. A must-read for managers and employees alike.'

Belinda Blinked 1 is his first novel of the series and Rocky published his second, Belinda Blinked 2 in summer 2016. Belinda Blinked 3 will be published in late May 2017 and is out now for pre-order. Rocky has very advanced scripts for Belinda Blinked 4 and 5 and is currently constructing, sorry, writing Belinda Blinked 6.

October 2016 saw the publication of the collaborative effort My Dad Wrote a Porno book between some London media dudes and Rocky based on the words and podcast of Belinda Blinked 1! With rave reviews it's worth a read.

Belinda Blinked 1 and 2; has been picked up by above mentioned London media types and is being distributed as a podcast called My Dad Wrote a Porno with over 52 million... yes 52,000,000 worldwide downloads which has made it an unprecedented success! Season 3 podcast episode 1 will be released late May in conjunction with the Belinda Blinked 3; ebook

So why don't you pre-order the book, join in the fun and read along with 'team porno'?' Find the podcast on iTunes or Acast under "My Dad Wrote a Porno" Follow the buzz on twitter or visit Rocky on twitter @FlintstoneRocky There's also a website and where you can discover more pieces about Rocky and Belinda.