A Pregnancy Roadmap for First-Time Moms and Dads: A Compilation

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About the author

Elizabeth Benson

Elizabeth Benson, a seasoned author holding a Master's degree in Psychology, has dedicated nearly two decades to empathetic service, assisting individuals in need. Drawing inspiration from her cherished roles as a mother and grandmother, Elizabeth infuses her writings with wisdom from life's most significant moments.

Her keen understanding of human behavior, magnified by her familial roles, shines in her guidance for first-time parents. This wisdom culminated in her debut book, which offers advice and direction to those navigating the transformative journey of parenthood.

"A Roadmap to Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children: A Parent's Guide to Ensuring Your Child's Health, Wealth, and Happiness", Elizabeth expands her canvas, equipping parents with strategies to cultivate emotional resilience and well-being both in themselves and in their children.