Pleasure Pain or Purpose. Book Two: Pain

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About the author

Al Daltrey

I’m a small niche author writing (what I believe) is quality bdsm erotica. I’m the antithesis of a FORMULA author. How can you spot a formula author? Just look for a book cover with a male torso. Sexy male abs are “on trend” and formula authors love to sell sell sell.  Usually, when you see a cover like that, the story on the inside is pure formula too. If you enjoy reading those, then my novels are not for you. My stories are for discerning readers who want an original concept. Hopefully, my covers and book titles reflect that. I design each one based on the core premise of the book, not on what’s selling.

Each of my books is also completely different from the one before.  Again, think non-formula. Feel free to peruse the synopsis for each.  Some are harsher than others.

By day, I work in marketing. I’m happily married to a beautiful woman who gave me the greatest kids on earth. Best of all, she tolerates my time-suck habit of wanting to be an author, along with my cranky moods. She also tolerates my love of the band TOOL, which I play at high volumes.

Cheers and I hope you choose to read on!