Be the Hero of Your Own Life: Ditch the Excuses, Take Your Hero's Journey, and Find Your Life's Purpose

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About the author

J. Scott MacMillan

J. Scott is a Psychology graduate and certified NLP life coach. As a life long learner of what makes humans tick, he has studied how humans resonate with stories. When we watch our favorite heroes on the big screen we see ourselves in them giving us the courage to be great.

He has coached many people through stuck periods in their lives and businesses with great success. His unique approach using the Hero's Journey allows people to understand themselves as the hero of their lives which gives them the courage to move forward past stuck areas in their lives.

He is also an expert in adult learning theory and behavioral learning techniques that help people learn new skills and critical thinking. His passion and greatest joy revolve around teaching people to overcome personal challenges and self-doubts so they can discover their deeper purpose, and create extraordinary lives.