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D.M. Baird

I was born in Denver, Colorado and as a child I developed a love of nature, animals, camping and hiking. The mountains of Colorado are full of gems and gemstones, along with gold and silver. Grandma and I picked up rocks everywhere we went, from trails to streams. Some of these adventures make it in to my writing.
My father gets the credit for my love of reading. We lived one winter in the North West, high atop a ski hill. He never really liked TV. He was frustrated when it was on every night when he got home from work (chores not done, animals not feed) and threw it out the door. With darkness falling at 4 pm every night and hours of being stuck in the house, reading became the only escape.
We share a small hobby farm with 6 black cats, 4 horses, 4 daughters, and 5 dogs. Writing letters, grants and other technical work was where I begin, but I love creating stories that enchant and bring the world of magic to life or sweeps you away with romance.
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