How To Meditate: Learn How To Meditate Step By Step And Reap The Benefits Of Meditation Everyday + Tips On How To Meditate Better

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Mike McCallister

Writing and speaking about the importance of inner peace and mental wellbeing has been closest to Mike's heart, ever since 2017, when he lost his father. So much so, if there could be a point in time to see a sudden change in him, that would be it. Living in different continents and trying to get home in time as fast as a plane could go did not help. Unfortunately, he did not make it in time. He could not say his final good-bye. And he could not have all the conversations he thought of coming back to later.

The death of his father triggered a series of events in his personal life which not only affected his personal and professional relationships but shook him to the core leading to anxiety and panic attacks. As a result, his corporate poster boy rank was soon taken away and he was left to be a nobody which took its toll further.

Getting back was not easy. It took months of counselling, meditation and mindfulness to make peace with himself and others. But it was worth it. Along this journey his outlook on life changed. He realized that material pleasures are important but inner peace and mental wellbeing are priceless. And so, he began writing the Buddha on the Inside series to help others chase the right things in life.

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