Metal of a Different Sort

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Peter Cooke

I was born and raised in the county of Derbyshire and matured in Yorkshire, England, where I spent a lot of my working life as a Chief Clourist, a Senior Manager in both the textile and chemical industries, a Science teacher and a University lecturer among other things.

A well-known speaker on the Elizabethan era and the history of English glassmaking, I now spend my time writing historical novels, of which to date, comprises of four novels in The Tudor Queen's Glassmaker Series. The books are fast paced adventure stories with a strong love interest.

Martytn Bedford, Award winning author of Houdini Girl desribed them as having a fascinating original historical context with an interesting insight into the world of glassmaking. The backdrop of the story's setting, Venice and London and the 16th century times will be a key part of its appeal to readers.

Recently, inspired by my background in textiles, I began a new series about the Industrial Revolution in the cotton spinning industry. The first cotton spinning mills in the World, were built in the Derwent Valley of Derbyshire in England. The imortance of these mills is reflected in their World Heritage status. The second mill built at Belper, Derbyshire by William Strutt, is the earliest examplke of a fire proof construction.

The first book of the fictional series is provisionally title Revolution, Amber Miils. I hope to have thiis rewady for puplication later in 2016 or ealy next year.