Sky Lanterns Over Nether Ides

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About the author

Pattison Telford

If you like quirky adventure stories, I am writing for you. Quick pacing, characters that are appealing to Young Adult or adult readers alike, maybe a little bit of magic, and a few chuckles are all part of the journey.

Currently, I am writing stories about the Redferne family. The Redferne siblings and their dog, Disco, are thrust into a bit more responsibility and experience many more odd events than they are really prepared for, but they band together and struggle through. Although their town, Middle Ides, is fictitious, it is a combination of a number of places I have lived and visited, and the setting breathes life into their various adventures (and misadventures).

I live in Toronto, Canada, with my wife, two teenage sons, and snaggle-toothed dog. Previously living in in Scotland, England, and Australia has armed me with a considerable range of slang words and insults. I grew up playing basketball and have spent far too much time sitting in front of computer screens in my job as a Microsoft IT Consultant.