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About the author


First, full disclosure, "Darsh” is my pen name.   The decision to write under a Pen Name and not under real name has been made after much of intense and deep introspection.   Trust and delight of my readers is the most important matter to me and as an author of this book (and many others), I am prepared to go great lengths as a writer to protect the trust that my readers have put in me.

However, I write on variety of subjects and interests.  In addition, I must protect the spirit of my message and subject that I convey through my books without any dilution or undue judgments that may be caused by, or influenced by my real name.


The word "Darsh" is derived from the ancient Indian Language Sanskrit.  Originally known as "Darshanam".  The word "Darsh" simply means, to witness, or more appropriately in authoring context, "A Witness".