Confident Reinvention: Personal, Professional, and Corporate Transformation

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About the author

Rosemarie Barnes

Rosemarie Barnes is passionate about leadership and executive talent development.

Coming from an eclectic background involving theatre, music, and business, Rosemarie believes that especially in this time of rapid and continual technological advancements, no one is immune to the need to repurpose, reinvent, and reset their lives and their businesses. She maintains that the most essential element to facilitate all these transformations is thoughtful, clear, and cohesive communication, and she will happily step onto any available soapbox to say so.

Experienced in private, corporate, and educational environments, Rosemarie is a certified speaking coach, an internationally sought-after speaker, and founder of Confident Stages Executive Development Academy. An international best-selling author, she has championed countless individuals to reach their leadership potential by guiding them to understand how to communicate to achieve desired results and to do so with finesse, presence, and skill.

Rosemarie has presented in classrooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, theatres, and often to herself in the bathroom shower.