الأساطير والحقائق

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Bernadette Booysen

First of all, Hi, to all my current and future readers and supporters. I recently decided to begin this journey to spread awareness about epilepsy to the world. People with epilepsy, as well as their friends and family, find it difficult to find accurate information about epilepsy that 'normal' people can understand. That is where my books come in - simple and easy to understand explanations on many topics relating to epilepsy.
I am just another person with epilepsy- diagnosed in 1997 with tonic-clonic seizures and myoclonic shocks. It was very difficult at that time to find information about epilepsy that was not scientific and full of medical terms which I did not understand at the time. There was almost no awareness about epilepsy and many of the myths about epilepsy were still strongly believed by most people I met or spoke to. Now, it is much easier to find the information, however, the medical terms are still everywhere and the myths are still believed by many people, which makes things difficult to understand and it is difficult to find accurate information, especially for newly diagnosed people with epilepsy.
About eight years ago, I started doing a lot of epilepsy research and gathered book after book of information about it and I learnt a lot in the process. I decided to try to share all that I had learnt with other people with epilepsy who were also in search of more information about the disorder, so, about five years ago, I started my Facebook group - Epilepsy Questions and Answers. People with epilepsy can join the group and ask anything they like, anything that they are interested in or even just wondering about and they can do this anonymously, if they prefer, because of all the stigma attached to people with epilepsy.
I know we are all very busy leading our lives and do not always have the time to do the little things but I would like to plead with all of you to leave a short review and a little information about yourself and your reasons for your interest in epilepsy, even if it is only to gain more knowledge about the disorder or to find something interesting to read about. I would like to hear about you and your story too! Thank you!