Moravia MontClare, Vampire Impious

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About the author

T.T. Thomas

T. T. Thomas is the author of:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​House of Bliss

Mistress of Mogador (Novel)

The Girl With 2 Hearts (Novel)

A Delicate Refusal (Novel)

The Blondness of Honey (Novel)

Vivien and Rose (Novella)

Two Weeks At Gay Banana Hot Springs (Novella)

Short Stories:

The Moravia MontClare Vampire Series

       Vampire Vexed (Short Story)

       Vampire Impious (Novella)

       Vampire Bohemian (Novella)

A Woman of Dark Intention

The Guy In Frankie's Hatbox,

Bread and Butter,

My Second Stupid Suicide

T.T. Thomas writes mainly historical romance, historical rom/com, historical fantasy and New Adult for lesbians and all others. A former newspaper and magazine reporter and editor, she also dabbles in long-form feature articles and essays.