A River Between Them

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A.L. Watkins

I’m a romance author and if there’s a love story involved, I’m all about it. Love stories give us hope, help women know they shouldn’t settle and provide a happily ever after in our not always so happy world. Some authors I love and who have influenced me are Sandra Brown, Carol Goodman, Sarah MacLean and Victoria Dahl/Victoria Helen Stone.

I’m also drawn to stories set during the emotionally tumultuous time that takes place in the late teen years. Some of my favorite YA authors/books are Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle series, the Luxe series, the Twilight series, Bree Barton's Heart of Thorns series, The Light Between Worlds, as well as classics like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Wuthering Heights, plus books by the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. Growing up, I was completely obsessed with the Sweet Valley High series and at one time, I owned every book in the series.

I’ve made up stories, in some form or another, for as long as I can remember and find solace in the written word. My own teenage experience was anything but ordinary, the closest explanation I have for my k-12 education is to call it unschooling.  My parents were in sales and their work required them to travel extensively.

My sister and I went along with them and spent most of our childhood on road trips and in motels. It was during these long drives through the U.S., stuck in the back of my dad’s beat-up vehicle, that I started developing my own stories, inside my head. It would be years before I attempted to put those characters onto paper, but once I did, I knew I’d found my profession–or rather it had found me.

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