Meal Prep: The Ultimate Meal Prep Beginner's Guide and Cookbook with Fast and Easy Recipes to Eat Clean, Lose Weight, Save Money and Maximize Your Time

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About the author

Jamie Connor

Jamie Connor is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and nutrition coach that currently lives in Miami Florida. After graduating from Cornell University with a Ms in Nutrition, Jamie is currently working for a Fortune 500 company in Miami. Growing up in a family that consumed a lot of process foods, Jamie struggled with obesity and health problems. After almost losing her life 6 years ago, Jamie made a decision to develop a healthy lifestyle. When Jamie started exercising and eliminating processed foods from her diet, things started to turn around. She felt stronger and energy levels were through the roof.

Today, Jamie is on a mission to share what she had learned with her readers to get the same results. In addition, through multiple trial and errors, she developed many healthy and delicious recipes that are full of flavor, texture and wholesome nutrition. 

Jamie also enjoys practicing yoga, reading, and traveling around the world to discover new recipes.