A Guide to a Happier Life

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About the author

Allison Drennan

Tina Shelton is an author, a student, a mother, a wife, and a pretty good cook. She grew up in Wyoming until she achieved escape velocity and moved to Western Washington. From there she’s visited Japan, France and Belgium. She’s also seen some interesting sights closer to home, having visited Yellowstone Park, Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, as well as traveling north to Whistler, B.C. and enjoying the Vancouver B.C. area as well.

She’s a humongous nerd who is married to an even bigger nerd, and they are raising their little nerdling to appreciate the classics as well as introducing him to new and marvelous stories. She like to be social and hang out with her friends, she enjoys taking walks and cooking up new stories, and she likes to drive and listen to podcasts.

That may sound a little dull, but that’s because she’s an escapist and spends a lot of time letting her imagination roam freely. All the better to write with.