Beckoned, Part 1: From London with Love

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About the author

Aviva Vaughn

Aviva Vaughn writes slow burn women’s fiction inspired by food, travel, and Jane Austen. She loves books and has been a voracious reader her whole life finishing Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women when she was five.

She likes to laugh, eat and be intellectually stimulated, preferably at the same time; and enjoys reading and writing about strong, modern characters, no matter what era or planet they are in/on.

She isn’t afraid to try new things, which has made for an interesting—although not always straight forward—life. Her favorite “two truths and a lie” line is: I have ridden bareback in the Navajo nation, I have jumped out of an airplane over New Zealand, and I have gone spelunking in Costa Rica. Answer will appear at the end of BECKONED, Part 4: From Barcelona with Love ;^)

She lives in Southern California.

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