How to Handle Your Partner's Fascination with Pornography and Make Your Relationship Even Better

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About the author

Zoë Burnzs

Zoë Burnzs has always been that friend you could call (day or night) when you needed raw, uncensored and honest relationship advice. Fascinated by the inner workings of the human heart, body and mind, Zoë has a BA in Love and a Ph.D. in Relationships.

Seriously though, Zoë has taken several college-level psychology courses and has a BA in English, as well as a JD. She considers herself an instinctive relationship advisor and matchmaker!

Married for seven years, she has the intimate knowledge of the joys and challenges of building a life with one’s partner. She and her husband have dealt with issues that would tear most relationships apart. But their love has survived through it all and now they’re solid as a rock!

Through personal experiences (and of those close to her), Zoë has learned how to get one’s needs met, rebuild one’s self-esteem, enhance communication, and rebuild trust and passion after betrayal. And through her books, Zoë shows other women how to do the same!

Zoë is a passionate writer and instinctively uses her powerful words and conversational and candid writing style to help numerous women find their inner strength and voice during the rockiest parts of their relationships. Her ultimate mission is to empower and encourage other women so they realize just how spectacular and strong they really are.

Besides writing, Zoë loves to surf, hike, exercise, travel and spend time with her husband. You may often find her dancing through the house and singing a grand duet with her Umbrella Cockatoo, Coconut!