Heart of Clouds

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About the author

Adrienne Wilson

Adrienne Wilson has been widely published for her short stories, but this is her first book meant for the child in all of us.  Heart of Clouds is the story of a young girl and her first crush, but it's much more than that.  It's a story of "The Language of the Heart," and what that means for planet Earth. 

Adrienne trained at Pacifica Graduate Institute for Depth Psychology and the novel utilises bibliotherapy to treat depression in adults and children coping with loss.  What is the secret cure?  You'll find out as you follow Teenie Alexander and Devlin Underwood that one magical summer. 

Meet Brownie and Melloman and old Mr. Honeygarten by the meadow at the edge of the sea.  Learn about Claire and the magic of handwritten notes left in a driftwood hut while all the creatures in the sea look on.

Heart of Clouds is her love letter to the planet, and all who reside upon it.  Believe in magic, because without magic the world would have no hope at all.  Where does magic reside?  In the human heart. It always has, and it always will.