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Leonie van de Vorle

Leonie van de Vorle was born in New Zealand in 1954 to Dutch immigrant parents. She was a teenager during the Vietnam War and Woodstock era and then travelled through Europe in a combi-van in her early twenties. Her experiences during those years influenced her first book "The Odd One Out, Primitive Poems from The Past", published in 2012.

Leonie returned to New Zealand in 1976 when tragedy struck her family with the death of her younger brother, and only sibling, in a car accident. Remaining in New Zealand, Leonie attained a BSc, married and became a mother of three, but it would be twenty five years before she would write again.

In 1990 Leonie moved to the east coast of Australia with her young family. There she became a Natural Therapies Practitioner, and more recently began tracing her family history.

Her interests encouraged her to write again, including publishing her brother's poems "Salamanca Summer", in 2013.

In October 2013 four short stories in the "Winnie and Hunny Speak" Series were published. They are the hilarious and fascinating accounts of Winnie and Hunny's lives, Leonie's two Labradoodles, and told by them.

Leonie now writes full time. She is currently working on several new books including a series on her combi-van travels, and a memoir of breakdown and recovery.