Discipline Your Way to Success: The Definitive Guide to Success Through Self-Discipline

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Chase Andrews

Author Chase Andrews devoted a year to discovering the secrets of passive income. His journey would take him on a global quest, travelling the world to meet and interview ordinary people who had “cracked” the Passive Income Code. In 2013 Chase Andrews was an employee in an unfulfilling job at a consulting firm, until a chance encounter would change his life forever. Attending a business conference in Europe, he met the man who would later become his mentor and help him “crack” The Passive Income Code. Within a few short months Chase was benefiting from 8 sources of passive income and was able to quit his job. He now travels around the US, Australia, and Europe with his wife, teaching people how to escape the 9-to-5 and secure their financial future. Chase recently discovered his passion for helping others escape the confines of the office and get out and enjoy life, all while making a full time income. Head over to www.thepassiveincomemachine.com to learn more about Chase, passive income, and how to escape the rat race.