Eve and the Faders


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About the author

Berneta L. Haynes

Berneta L. Haynes was born and raised in Arkansas where she discovered her love of writing at a young age. Her first novel, Landrien Moriset, debuted in 2015. An attorney and founding editor of Waking Writer, Berneta lives in Atlanta with her partner and co-author, Lornett B. Vestal. She recently collaborated with Lornett to co-write Eve and the Faders in 2021, and Aya and the Alphas in 2022. 

Her previous short story publication credits include Bonfire, a literary magazine published through Drury University, and The Bangalore Review. Additionally, she has published articles in Out on the Town Magazine, Inside Higher Ed, and the Iowa Press-Citizen. ​​​​​​​Currently, Berneta is the founding editor of Waking Writer. She is working on her upcoming fantasy novel and blogging joyously.