My Village Story Of The Legends (The Perfect Art Of Storytelling)


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About the author


 I loved the sight, feel and smell of books more than toys and candy when I was a child. I enjoyed sitting down with other children in groups to hear folk tales. My immediate elder sister’s group turned me away twice on two counts. The girls said that I asked too many questions at the same time. They were correct. They also said that I had no right to question why there were no modern stories beside those tales by moonlight. I disagreed with them on this one.

 The night they let me in again, I told them two stories of mine. They loved them and asked for a repeat. I did although I ended each one a little different from the first tell! It was this act of mine that earned me permanent expulsion from their superior group. I departed without remorse at all as I announced to them,

                 “These are my own stories, original stories anyway. I reserve the right to end them anyhow I like.”

         “We also reserve the right to send you away any time and any how we like. It is not our fault!” They replied.

I have spent a greater part of my life in music as a songwriter, singer and guitarist. Nature and football have remained my favourite hobbies. I am in the Blues’ Army: Chelsea FC Fan Club!  And you?