MalleyCat and Dalton's Last Stand

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About the author

Anita M. Shaw

Whenever Anita gets the chance, she plays air hockey. She doesn’t care if it’s on a full size table at the bowling alley or the fairs or if it’s someone’s tabletop set—just let her at that mallet! She doesn’t play in any tournaments, but she thinks it’s fun to dream about it as Jeoffrey does.

Anita’s been telling stories since she was four and writing them since the fifth grade. In high school she wrote fan fiction and westerns. Usually when she was supposed to be paying attention to the teacher. As she is a lefty, left handed kids are featured in her work.

She’s had the pleasure of speaking in classrooms and at workshops about writing in general, ePublishing, and writing as a career.

Anita’s currently working on a young adult novel entitled Marooned on Planet EARTH: Book One Devynn's Dilemma and a middle grade time travel novel tentatively called Stagecoach at the Old Gristmill. More Kingsley Twins adventures are being mapped out.

She and her husband have four sons, grown now, and two granddaughters. While in the past they’ve had furry friends galore—horses, dogs, cats, gerbils, mice, birds, fish and little lizards—their zoo has dwindled to one lone Rat terrier cross named Kai Cei, Yes, she is named for the twins’ mom in The Kingsley Twins: Dalton’s Last Stand.

Besides reading and writing, she loves to ride horses and bikes; bowling and playing air hockey, hiking on a gorgeous day, and playing card and board games with family and friends.