Hustlin’ Hummingbird: Adventures of an Uber and Lyft driver

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About the author

Mukon Ngoyi

Mukon Ngoyi has been in your shoes.

It wasn’t long ago that the Provo, Utah, resident went without a vehicle. She walked everywhere and caught bus after bus to get around. Not to mention she was juggling three jobs she dreaded, working day and night.

Mukon remembers vividly the struggles you’re experiencing. Just three years ago, she was living paycheck to paycheck and feeling sorry for herself. Living under such stress, she desperately needed a vacation but didn’t have the time or the money.

Clearly, this wasn’t the life Mukon dreamed of. But one day, she heard about Uber and Lyft, and her life changed forever.

Now a full-time driver, she’s become the leading expert on Uber and Lyft and one of the most commendable five-star drivers in the rideshare game. Her experiences inspired her to write her first book, “Hustlin’ Hummingbird.”

Mukon has also become the No. 1 rideshare safety consultant. She teaches drivers and riders, beginners and experienced users alike. Through three years of trial and error, she’s mastered what works and is excited to share her success and proven methods with you.

Now at work on her second Hustlin’ Hummingbird: The Unspoken Adventures of Uber & Lyft Riders, Mukon has more in store for you. So stay tuned!