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Love strikes when we least expect it. Is it true?   

In the case of Radhika, maybe it did.  She's all ready for a fresh start in a new city.  She starts living with her cousin, Meera and a series of unexpected events starts to unfold which turns her life upside-down. She meets someone new, Rishi. He's very different from what she likes, yet intriguing. When everything is going smooth, a lover from the past, Sameer, suddenly re-appears.  Now, she's torn between the past and the present. Adding to this craziness, appear two funny characters Zain and Nancy. They are cousins and work in the same office with Radhika. Also, in the picture is Radhika's aunt, a single lady in her fifties; who's way too much interested in Radhika's love life. While Nancy wants Radhika to date Sameer, her aunt wants her to pair up with Rishi. All entangled, no way out. Now, with both the males trying hard to get her, her life becomes more troubled. 

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Can't Help Falling in Love

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