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Frances Brand

Life in the hills

Frances Brand lives in Shropshire, in the west of England among the glorious countryside of the Marches where a crow or raven can fly quickly over the border into Wales. She gave up a career in journalism to open her hilltop  home as a bed and breakfast and gain more freedom and time to write.
Her last job was editing a farming newspaper, working closely with farmers and others involved in agriculture which revealed the problems and vicissitudes of 21st-century farming.
She lives a comparatively old-fashioned way of life, in touch with the natural world which so many people have left behind. Her passion for nature, the landscape and the power of the elements is often  reflected in her writing.
She says people don't expect a guest house owner to be a writer — or the other way round but it often gives a fascinating insight into human behaviour and can touch off many trains of thought. There are some guests who spark immediate empathy while others sometimes just don’t get the place at all.
Her life is kept busy life with dogs and horses to care for.