Golden Dreg Boy, Prequel Book 0.5, Golden Dreg World: The Skate Park (Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Young Adult Series)

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D.K. Dailey

 D.K. Dailey has a problem: kind of like I see dead people but for writers. Good thing she fuels that creativity to build worlds and create people who do what she says-well, most of the time. She often says, if she wasn't a writer, she'd be certifiably crazy.

Dailey's writing journey started as a child when she began writing sci-fi short stories, a result of watching countless hours of Star Trek on a shared TV with her parents. With an inborn passion for telling stories, writing songs and poems, her hobbies erupted into a career path after she penned a play in college and then her first novel. As a writer of color living in Northern California being immersed in a tapestry of culture and history that consistently inspires her has helped her pen numerous books.