El Rey del Tiempo: It's Not What You Think

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About the author

Roger C. Bull

Roger C. Bull is the author of several books: “Within the Heart and Soul;” “Legalized Crime;” “El Rey del Tiempo:  It’s Not What You Think;” “The Thin Line of Good and Evil,” "Within the Temples:  Bloodletting," “Teneum: The Thin Line,” “Back Alley Déja Vu,” “Uncle Edgar – The Android,” and “Uncle Edgar – United Space Force.”

​​​​​​​His eclectic life is a foundation of resources that he uses to craft his stories. The author studied biology, chemistry, physics at Southeastern Louisiana Univesity. He graduated from the LSU Law Enforcement Institute with studies in supervision, management and advanced law enforcement disciplines. Then he attended Holy Cross College to study criminology, psychology and sociology.

​​​​​​​ Bull's experiences include writing poetry, short stories, and novels.  Also, his experiences include electronics, radio and telecommunications, plus computer consulting and publishing.

He attends rocket launches with his son, Mathew, at the Kennedy Space Center.

​​​​​​​ Roger founded the Metro New Orleans LEOs group on Facebook.

​​​​​​​ He owned and ran Southrn Oaks Publishing, LLC until the end of 2019, with his lovely wife, Karen.